Stephen Stills Children's Music Project
April 14, 2003

Dear Stephen Stills Foundation,

I am writing to you on behalf of my daughter. She attends Hanalei Elementary School and has been under the instruction of Mr. Kaneholani for 2 years now in learning Ukulele. Mr. K's teachings are invaluable to our children. We feel that this ukulele program is one of her most important classes at Hanalei School and a true asset in her education. His profound teachings have broadened our children's lives and are truly a priceless & precious gift that they will carry with them through out their entire life.
April 5th, 2003

To Whom It May Concern,

Aloha! I am a sixth grade teacher at Hanalei School, as well as a mother of one of the band members on Mr. Kaneholani's Ukulele Band. I have the wonderful opportunity to see music being brought into my classroom by Mr.Kaneholani for a few years now and I appreciate his gift and music talents immensely. We see and value music in the lives of our youth, which sadly has been the victim of severe budget cuts for years. Given this extraordinary program and donations from you, we have been able to see a tremendous growth in our student's music abilities, which would have never been discovered if it weren't for this possibility.


Isa Fores


I wanted to ask you for your support for Mr. K's ukulele class at Hanalei elementary school here on the North Shore of Kauai.

My daughter has been involved in the class for 3 years and the enjoyment for her is s cool. She is having fun while learning a soul enriching skill that she can use to make herself and others happy for the rest of their lives.


Mike Perius

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