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Recent Projects:

The East Bay Center For The Performing Arts helps the educational community met the challenges facing neighborhood children by providing after-school and in-school programs, school site performances, curriculum materials and professional development opportunities for artists and classroom teachers.

The Stephen Stills Children’s Music Project has donated thousands of dollars and a myriad of musical instruments to this Northern California center. During a Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young concert tour Stephen took time to visit this extraordinary school. As he entered one of the music classrooms he was mystified to discover the student’s music charts TAPED to the wall! Hardly an optimum educational environment since the children could not even face their instructor, the Children’s Music Project was easily able to remedy the situation by immediately providing 50 sorely needed music stands! Sometimes it’s just that simple. Also, congas donated by Kaman Music and drum sets from Drum Workshop, Inc. allowed their music percussion class to be heard loud and clear!

The Rosewood Avenue School with one of the Los Angeles Unified School District’s most meager music program budgets is sorely lacking the musical instruments needed for children who are anxious to learn music but cannot provide instruments of their own. The CMP was able to provide violins, including proper size violins for younger students, clarinets, flutes and coronets to those enthusiastic students who would otherwise be unable to participate in the music program at all!

The Hanalei School on Kauai, Hawaii lacked the funding to provide music programs for the upcoming season. The Children’s Music Project was able to assure the keyboard, percussion and culturally integral ukulele programs were reestablished for the entire upcoming school year. They are still in need of a sound system for the school as well as funding and additional instruments. Please look around and see how you might help.

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(Rosewood Avenue School photographs of Stephen, faculty & students courtesy of Henry Diltz



The Hanalei School Ukulele Club!

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